Survival Bag: Hurricane 2-Person

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    2-Person Hurricane Survival Bag


    Product Code: 91055

    The 2 Person Hurricane Survival Kit contains the essential survival and first aid supplies for 2 people for up to 3 days and includes medications.  If you happen to get stuck in a hurricane, this kit includes With the crank powered flashlight/radio/cell phone charger, multi-tool, food bars and water packs, you are prepared for any situation. The Hurricane Kit also includes waterproof matches, duct tape to hold down plastic tarps, and a deck of playing cards playing cards to pass the time in an emergency shelter, backpack contains 97 pieces and meets OSHA requirements.

    • Ideal for on the go in an emergency. Keep in your vehicle, home or office.
    • Shoulder straps keep your hands free to help others during an emergency
    • Survival and first aid supplies sustain 2 people for up to 3 days
    • Backpack with 2 organized compartments to easily and quickly locate supplies


    Crank Flashlight/Radio/Cell Phone Charger: 1

    Light Stick: 2

    Emergency Food Bars (6 pack): 2

    Emergency Water Packets, 4oz.: 12

    Emergency Water Pouch, 2.5 Gallons: 1

    Poncho: 2                      

    Whistle: 1

    Emergency Blanket, 52" x 84": 2

    Multi-Tool: 1

    Duct Tape: 1

    Dust-Protection Face Mask: 2

    Dotted Poly-Cotton Gloves: 1

    Waterproof Matches, 50/box: 1

    Travel Tissues: 2

    BZK Antiseptic Towelettes: 4

    Ivory Toothbrush, 4": 2

    Fluoride Toothpaste Tube, .6oz: 1

    Biohazard Bags, 24" x 24", 10 Gallon Capacity: 4

    Personal First Aid Kit: 1

    Cold Pack, 4" x 5": 1

    Hand Warmers: 1

    Playing Cards: 1

    Extra-Strength Non-Aspirin Tablets: 2

    Ibuprofen Tablets: 2

    Aspirin Tablets: 2

    Sting Relief Wipes: 2