FAO Burn Dressing, 4" x 16"


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    FAO Burn Dressing, 4" x 16"


    Product Code: 91316

    A well-suited dressing for the inner or outer area of the forearm. Can also be used on a portion of the leg or to wrap around a foot. It helps prevent burn progression without using water and protects the burn from contamination while it cools, comforts, and relieves pain. It provides immediate treatment and pain relief for most burns of all degrees. The sterile pad is infused with a water-based gel that provides instant cooling and prevents further tissue damage.



    Dressing stops the burning processHalts the burn progression to minimize damage
    Gel-soaked dressing cools the burnCools the affected area and alleviates pain with soothing gel
    Help prevent contaminationShields the wound from external contaminants to aid in healing
    Individual packets are easy to usePackaged in single-use packets for convenient and hygienic application