Purple REECE Aluminum Safety Long Padlock KTD


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    Purple REECE Aluminum Safety Long Padlock KTD

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    Reece's Purple Aluminum Safety Padlock provide advanced safety for controlling hazardous energy. Engraved Lock Numbers on both the padlock and keys simplify safety protocols, facilitating key tracking made easy. The High-Safety Key Cylinder, offering over 120,000 combinations, ensures unparalleled worker protection with dimple key eliminating risk of duplication. The lightweight, Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Body, measuring 1 1/2" x 1 3/4" with a 3" steel shackle, prioritizes safety without compromise. Key Retaining Design prevents accidental key removal, adding an extra layer of protection. Choose from nine bright Anodized Colors for clear identification.

    • The high-safety padlock is equipped with an intricate key cylinder, offering over 120,000 combinations and employing advanced keying systems for added complexity 
    • Manufactured from lightweight yet robust aluminum, this padlock ensures durability by carefully balancing strength and weight for a reliable and enduring security solution 
    • Featuring a secure key retention mechanism so that the padlock prevents key removal when the lock is in the unlocked position 
    • Available in 9 vibrant anodized colors, the padlock simplifies organization and recognition in lockout procedures 
    • With plain sides and face, the padlock allows for clear engraving of names, providing a customizable option for easy identification 
    • Bodies and key heads are stamped with a unique key number, a feature that facilitates efficient key management and tracking for organized security measures 
    • The padlock's intentionally designed key works on both sides, resisting easy replication and ensuring a high level of control over key distribution and access 
    • With a balanced design featuring a 1 1/2" width and 1 3/4" bodies, the padlock maintains a compact yet robust profile suitable for various applications